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New publication about the features of modern recruitment

Summer and fall ordinary time migration of workers. Someone looking for a job you love, and someone is not satisfied with the current earnings, employees and/or you simply want to change the scope of activities. Although the latter meets infrequently, but still happens.

With regard to highly competitive businesses like pharmaceuticals, there reigns a fierce competition. And so many, including world famous companies are trying to find workers as efficient as possible, which would have unique skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, such representatives are in the labor market appear to be quite rare, because firms and companies in which they work, doing everything to they have stayed. So often the choice is not very large and the great mass of applicants is generally not appropriate. For identification of them is often a normal interview not enough and now increasingly engage in so-called image-interview. To understand what it is and whether it will help the article «The image of the interview to agree or not?» one of our employees Julia Ekimova.