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История AVICONN:

AVICONN were found in 2005 in St. Petersburg. AVICONN was originally established as a consulting company that has several lines of business, the main of which are currently:

  • Recruiting (direct search, recruitment);
  • Training (sales training, workshops);
  • Research (salaries, personnel potential of the market and others).

Our customers are the market leaders, major Russian and foreign companies, with the large territorial structure. AVICONN division founded to provide a qualitative selection (direct search and recruitment) for various industries throughout the Russian Federation, as well as in the CIS countries.

Our departaments are in:
  • 2005 – Saint-Petersburg office
  • 2008 – Moscow office
  • 2009 – Training Center in Saint-Petersburg
  • 2012 – Krasnoyarsk office
  • 2014 – Novosibirsk office
  • 2019 – Kaluga office