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For the Applicants

Dear applicants!

AVICONN recruiting agency is in charge of hiring personnel in all regions of Russia for companies with a leading position in the market. Our proposals allows you to discover new growth prospects and improve your professional future.

We can offer career prospects and professional development on a permanent and temporary basis for the experts, experienced professionals and the beginners.

We are interested in establishing long-term relationship with you, and are keeping all the data, as well as the history of our interaction.

For operational cooperation we offer to complete a questionnaire on our website or send us your resume.

Your job is waiting for You!

AVICONN services are free of charge for the applicants: the service of search and recruitment carried out by our customers.

You can get acquainted with the current job offers here.

AVICONN advantages:
  • We have an access to vacancies, not published in the open sources.
  • We are actively promoting You to our partner companies.
  • We are helping candidates in preparing for the interviews.
  • We can help you find a job that will satisfy your not only present interests but also the future prospects.
  • We will provide support at all stages of the competition. Each applicant receives all the data (if it is not confidential) we have about the company that is inviting you for an interview. Our consultants will inform you about the results of all th einterviews (in AVICONN and the employer company).
  • We will provide regular information about new jobs and opportunities for career development, even if we can not guarantee the employment in that company.
We Guarantee:
  • High quality work.
  • Compliance with the principles of business ethics.
  • Strict confidentiality in respect of all information provided by you: information may have provided to our customers only with your consent. We will not conduct special testing and any reference checks without the notification. During processing and storing personal data of candidates, we are guided by the laws and regulations on the protection of personal data.
  • No discrimination of candidates based on gender, age, national origin, political and religious beliefs.