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For the Employers

Dear employers!

AVICONN company were established to implement the quality recruitment for different industries. Our consultants have got the unique personnel search and skill graduation methodics, deep knowledge of the markets, as well as keeping track of the latest economic and political tendencies in the country and the world. Our approach allows you to efficiently meet the needs and to provide a high level of expertise.

Our advantages:
  • Successful experience of recruiting for large foreign companies since 2005
  • AVICONN offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk. Also we are preparing to open an office in Novosibirsk.
  • The actual area of recruiting — all regions of Russia and the CIS, that allows us to analyze all the market tendecies in complex
  • Actual information on the state of the labor market in every region of Russia
  • Expertise, high client-needs approach, productivity and proactivity of our consultants
  • Experience in solving complex and sensitive problems for our customers
  • Firm adherence to the terms of the agreements and standards of business ethics
  • Trust of the applicants. We appreciate and support the long-term and regular contact with every applicant, regardless of the city or region.