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Salaries of medical representatives in Moscow and MO

Salaries of medical representatives in Moscow and MOThe situation on the labour market is thus that today the position of medical representative is one of the most popular not only among employers, but also among the applicants who wish to build a career in a pharmaceutical company.

of Course, the reason for interest in this line of business is not only stability, the pursuit of development and the desire to influence the health of the population, but the material side of the question.

it is Difficult not to agree that the Moscow market is the most saturated dynamic and diverse from the point of view of the proposals and expectations from the candidates. And wages in the pharmaceutical market of the capital — one of the most high. This article presents an overview of the income of medical representatives on the example of Moscow and Moscow region.

can be roughly divided into several parameters by which a pharmaceutical company formed a final offer to the candidate: the profile of the applicant, the complexity of therapeutic areas, benefits package and bonuses, the area of responsibility.

Profile of the applicant.

the Greatest demand candidates having higher medical/pharmaceutical education and experience as medical representative for at least two years. It is considered that such candidates have the necessary skills, customer-oriented, stress resistant, able to build communication, not only with doctors and pharmacists, but also with key stakeholders from the health. For this category of applicants an additional advantage is a good knowledge of foreign languages, the presence of a Ph.D., established contacts with the medical community.

the Next step on demand is divided between the candidates with higher medical / pharmaceutical education without experience and candidates without relevant education and experience as medical representative for two years. In this group of candidates, there are certain risks for the employer. First, applicants with no work experience in sales can not cope with the crew work, constant communication, strong and stress. After a period of time and after a number of trainings, there is a great risk that the applicant, without appreciating its capabilities in advance, decides to return to a pharmacy or to continue medical activities. Medical representatives who do not have specialized education, may not be competent enough in the intricacies of diseases unlike the doctor, resulting in the course of the visit will be the damage to the company image. Salvation in this situation is the high motivation of the applicant, constant study of the medical literature and an excellent knowledge of therapeutic areas.
The lowest demand and cost are candidates with no work experience medical representative and higher medical / pharmaceutical education. Such applicants should not rely on a high salary at first, and should not only be interested in the company, but also to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge about the work of medical representatives, as well as to know the composition and properties of pharmaceuticals.

the complexity of the direction and level of communication

According to the directions of medical representatives can be divided into pharmacy, ambulatory care, hospital. The highest paid is the hospital segment, here we consider applicants with experience and rarely without it. It can be suggestions of companies that have a dedicated training Department and having the opportunity to spend time and effort learning without experience. In most cases, these proposals we are talking not only about the hospital, but also about communication with hospitals or pharmacies. The income of such proposals is approximately equal to the ordinary income, medical representative, however, this could be a great opportunity to get a unique experience, development and increase their value in the labor market.

Social package.

usually, the majority of pharmaceutical companies provides its employees with a car, mobile phone, laptop, private medical insurance, compensation (mobile, Internet, phone). Consequently, monthly payments of medical representatives will be affected by factors such as the make of the car, the amount of compensation, type of voluntary health insurance (can be provided not only on the worker, but also on family members and close relatives). Some companies also provide corporate learning foreign languages, compensation power supply, swimming pool or sports hall. When discussing salary with an employer, be sure to consider all these factors.


Pharmaceutical companies encourage their employees ‘ progress additional payments in the form of quarterly, semiannual, annual bonuses. Some companies, pointing in the summary of potential income mean its total amount. For the avoidance of doubt, in advance pojasniajte this nuance. In most cases, quarterly bonuses in Western companies are monthly salary, semi-annual, two months ‘ pay and more.

Area of responsibility.

the Level of income depends on the territory, on which there is a medical representative. The most difficult area is Moscow, where there is always traffic jams and long queues. Work in the Moscow region more extensive from the point of view of the coverage area (can include multiple cities), but often more interesting functionality. In addition, doctors and pharmacists outside Moscow, as a rule, more contact because of lack of information.

the table below illustrates the approximate fork salaries of Medical representatives in Moscow and MO.

distribution C/p in gross for candidates without relevant education and experience C/p in gross for a candidate with higher medical/pharmaceutical education, no work experience C/p in gross for a candidate with no specialized education, with experience MP from 2 years C/p in the gross for the candidate with the highest miedzinski/pharmaceutical education and experience MP from 2 years
Pharmacies 40 000 — 45 000 45 000 — 50 000 50 000 — 55 000 50 000 — 60 000
LPU 40 000 — 50 000 50 000 — 55 000 50 000 — 60 000 55 000 — 70 000
Hospital 50000 55000 50 000 — 65 000 60 000 — 75000

to sum up, I draw your attention that significantly reduce the cost of the employee may have a large number of companies, positions and areas in the summary. Important for the employer, not only the actual experience, but also the stability of the candidate, the frequent absence of shifts and logical navigation.

And most importantly, entering the labour market as the applicant, do not forget: you sell your resume, your experience and your skills. Be prepared to be yourself 100% in the shortest possible time, be active. Remember, it is important not only what you say, but how you do it and how much time it takes. Good luck in finding interesting and well-paying jobs!

Alexander Shevchenko

Recruitment company AVICONN

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