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Requires the programmer. Freelancer not to offer!

Requires the programmer. Freelancer not to offer!In every area of modern business involved programmers, even if they are not in the state, any company uses software products that were developed by programmers.

Programming is not mechanical work, often this works. Laymen often think that it’s something akin to mathematics, and it’s just not.

the Programmer is an expert who will write programs for you, automate and simplify the work of your company.

On the market you can find different programmers, for example, those related to the banking sector, web programmers, website developers, developers, office applications, developers, CRM systems, developers of ERP systems.

in order to find the programmer, it is necessary first of all to decide what tasks will be set.

basically all programmers can be found online on websites on the work, as they can be found on the thematic conferences and exhibitions. Programmers often use special sites: for example the community, where there are vacancies section http://habrahabr.ru/, http://itmozg.ru/, http://work-zilla.com/

More effort will need to find a programmer narrow specialization. Sometimes for companies who need special software for internal use, it is convenient to resort to the services of a freelancer, not in hiring new employee, which saves costs in part FOT, allows you to pay as a service, at the same time, reduces the excess cost, if you compare prices for the services of a specialized company-developer and freelancer.

Let us consider the peculiarities of the interaction with the freelancer. Who is a freelance programmer? Freelancer is the employee performing work outside of the state, which may be issued a temporary contract. So it is in the multifaceted Russian practice that a freelancer can work without execution of any contract, just a verbal agreement.

Programmers, freelancers can certainly to highlight the many advantages that, in fact, it is implemented in a number of proposals for the services of freelancers in the industry. First, it is out of office, respectively, there is no boss who will stand behind you. Further, this work at home, and so You do not waste time on the way to work and home. The following is an attractive opportunity for creative people to perform tasks in a convenient time of day.

How is the work of a freelancer? There are different schemes of work freelance web programmers, but classically as a freelance programmer finds the order/customer prescribes the terms of reference for the programmer specifies the conditions, work, then when the project is completed, may be subject to revision, but for a fee. There are tools that allow you to regulate the relationship between the customer and as a freelancer, for example website http://work-zilla.com/. Is arbitration, which allows to solve conflicts.

What risks the company resorting to the services of freelance?

the Risk may be very high, as using the services of freelancers, it is unknown what it will receive in the final work, and a qualitative assessment before delivery to the customer the product will not work, because usually the internal expertise within the work of one person is very limited. You can hire a freelancer with a great rating, but then his services will cost more. With less feedback — take does not make sense. Usually freelancers do not take on complex projects, offer more routine work — for example, to write a module for a site, develop a simple website. But such work does not require, at first glance, special knowledge.

often, However, in order to solve the problem, you have to spend a lot of time to explain and inform internal corporate standards, requirements, processes, whereas for internal specialist, included in the company, it is necessary to spend once, and later in the life of a programmer in the company of all these information, business processes, unwritten and written corporate standards digested as internal algae, and setting the technical problem defined as a given. For companies are important quality and deadlines, staff members are always available and often always aware of changes in their field of expertise and set of processes in the company and its business procedures, generally, subject to quality and terms of the company. Freelancer, practically, in terms of timing and quality are harder to control, it is not always available, may lead several projects that create a situation of high impact factors completely outside the control of the customer.

There is also a significant risk that a freelancer can at some point to quit the project and disappear or change your mind to work on it (has suddenly become more profitable or more points of order), and a staff member will perform tasks regardless of their whims. There is a classic risk that your staff specialist retires, but he is much less in addition, in this case, a property company will be the amount of development that was completed before the employee’s termination. In the case of working with a freelancer, the customer usually loses the Deposit. The receipt of any piece of work is extremely difficult. In addition, the disappearance of the contact freelancer even with work leaves the customer one-on-one with the «thing in itself», often denies access to its own site.

In the end, employing a full-time programmer — the company will solve a number of tasks faster, better and faster, increase reliability and quality in achieving the result, will provide regular maintenance to preserve the right to development, will ensure the uniqueness in the market. As a staff specialist, it is possible to develop and invest in his training, and with proper and sufficient motivation, thus, the company will be universal specialist who has successfully developed the business.

it is Worth mentioning this aspect, as the reception seasoned freelancer for a permanent job. In this case, both sides should seriously think about the motives and consequences of the decision. Obviously, regular income and stability can attract tired from the constant search orders programmer. But his success in the corporate environment, may be reduced. Since coming to work in the state, the freelancer will need to change themselves in compliance with corporate standards, work schedule, dress code, adaptation in the team and so on

And never forget that Your freelancer may again want to return to «freedom».

Molchanov Catherine,

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