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The image interview: to agree or disagree?

The image interview: to agree or disagree?A new trend in recruitment — the Image interview. What is it, and how to be prepared if You are invited? Read more — read in this article.

Gone are the days when a large foreign company took on all comers and more or less suitable candidates. So now, a new trend and so-called image of the interview is to help candidates (ability to show itself), and the company (the ability to see the best candidates and to generate for them an attractive proposition). Latest trend – the consideration for the vacancy, candidates with good experience in famous companies, and may not really known but having a stable experience, proven results and recommendations.

Now on the market there was such situation that more and more candidates are afraid to leave their current company. In our society a lot of irrational fears and one of them is not stable! And I have in the company like stable, I won’t consider jobs. And maternity jobs generally cause a panic.
I want to remind that Russia for the last almost 20 years has experienced at least three of the economic crisis. A state of «crisis» and instability sooner or later will end, and what will remain a candidate?

the «rise» first and foremost, companies are interested in candidates with diverse experience gained in different companies, if you can call it «generalists» who understand the principles of different level of companies.

Our clients are Western, European part of the Russian pharmaceutical companies. Most foreign manufacturers have production in Russia, which, in my opinion, is an indicator of stability. Sometimes maternity rate in the largest well-known companies can be much more stable than permanent employment in the company, which tomorrow may leave the market.

In this article I would like to highlight the question: if I (the candidate) quite successfully working in his company, and I propose to consider the vacancy and/or visit on the image interview, what to do?

first, the ideal work does not happen, a person always want to improve something.

second, examine (often all face this situation: if You work two, three years in the same company like all good, BUT no growth. Under growth I mean professional development: i.e. training courses, and other programs aimed at development of competence and career development, i.e., growth in position. The head of the most often promises that in some distant future, it will happen.
And what to do in this situation?

most of the candidates somehow choose the most rational way, want to occupy a high position in the new company immediately. Ie or I come to you from the post of medical representative immediately at Kama or RM or not turn at all…

Call for adequacy described above in 90% of cases is not possible!

What to do?

Go to the company where possible!

«I don’t want to start over» — so, You do not start from the beginning, You have experience. What prevents to come and show the results not for two or three years, and in the first year? And after that You will definitely notice.

When we offer our candidates pass image (formed image) interview, we mean the following:



  • Provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the Company, managerial staff and ordinary members. It is always helpful. It’s called networking, or networking. Now, as in the 90 ties are of great value, isn’t it?
  • the

  • Give the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity on the subject, and how to build a business to a different company?!

  • You will be able to compare their current place of work, objectives and compensation offer. Will be able to capture the so-called «contrast features» — a clear understanding of the difference between the two working places: what is now, and that «what is».

  • Provide an opportunity to obtain a professional valuation on the market. After all organizational issues we take on, you spend a lot of time and get a lot of information (feedback) for free. For you this is an opportunity to obtain professional development.

  • Remember, You can always make a choice in favour of jobs or against them. Serfdom was abolished long ago, and if You do not like it, you can always refuse and force You to work there, no one will.

  • Think of the possibilities that You miss. When it appears next time? Sometimes we are given some opportunity only once in life…

  • After the interview, having received the greater number of information You will be able to make their own balanced and objective decision. Based on obtained facts and my own impression after a personal meeting (not speculation derived from «friends, acquaintances, well-wishers,» or better yet, downloaded from the Internet).

    Wherever we were not satisfied with candidates, we often receive positive feedback. In my opinion, otherwise can not be working for a company that over 100 years on the market.

In England, for example, even if You are not interested in the offer, You still go and meet people. Maybe the company will see that You are really a very good candidate. You will be offered something higher, something better. Maybe not immediately, after six months, but will offer!
And I have a question: why give up the opportunity, not even knowing what it is?

But in any case, the choice is always yours!

Julia Ekimova

Head office AVICONN

Recruitment company AVICON