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The stage of competence in the work of Medical representative

The stage of competence in the work of Medical representativeThis material will be of interest not only to managers but also to the candidates for the post of medical representative, for will provide valuable information about the competence of candidates, and the candidates will allow to properly assess the level of their competence in the profession.

During the development of the profession of Medical representative employee goes through several stages, which correspond to the competency Model, developed by psychologist albert Bandura.

career Development starts from a stage of Unconscious incompetence.

what We see, when it comes to the interview the candidate without experience as a Medical representative. He really wants to work, with little presents, what challenges will be faced, there is a feeling that he will cope with the tasks, it would wish.

the Advantages are of those candidates who with the help of information on the Internet, books and communication with Medical representatives get the idea about the profession and understand what they need to learn to master the profession. Such candidates independently moving to the second stage — Conscious incompetence.

If the candidate does not make this movement, he is «forced» to move to this stage the circumstances.

Armed with promotional materials, inspired by the use of drugs, he comes to the doctor, who is not inclined to share his enthusiasm and often just closes the doors before him. On my way I found sitting at the office patients who steadfastly not allowed Medical representative and arrange scandals.
Even if you can not communicate with the doctor, it may well remain a conversation, after which a single use of the drug does not occur.

Failure led to the realization that the profession need to learn.

the Advantage of have the Medical representatives that fall in companies with strong training school. They immediately transferred to the next stage of Conscious competence through education and training, improving the skills in the format of a double visits, and coaching.

Medical representative understands how to work and tries to act in accordance with that knowledge.

When these candidates come to us for interviews, they clearly tell the structure of the visit, know how to establish contact, to overcome obstacles, identify needs, make presentations, work with objections and form of agreement.

typically, these are candidates with experience more than one year. Such, consciously competent Medical representatives, willing to consider our customers, invited to interview, make offers.

the nested Structure when teaching knowledge and support in building skills is a great advantage.

time Passes. Medical representative gain experience and proceed to the next stage of Unconscious competence.

It might not always be at the interview to tell the structure of the visit, but it talks about who you and the doctors with whom it has established contacts and cooperation runs smoothly, almost automatically. Only one thing is important – to give them their due amount of attention. Typically, a Medical representative working on a template, closed new knowledge, skeptical about new information concerning the profession, it may steadily carry out the plans.

This stage is not final, carries both risks and opportunities.

In some point of Unconscious competence «becomes» Unconscious incompetence.

Medical representative ceases to understand that waste templates stopped working, because the situation has changed, there are new competitors or corrected legislation.

during this period may decrease the effectiveness of or occur «plateau» when the results do not increase, the work has stalled.
If a Medical representative in this period, changes job, starts a new stage of development of competences, as it goes to the need to adapt to a new company, then again become Consciously incompetent, then he is undergoing training to become Consciously competent and reaching a new level of Professionalism.

If he gets «stuck» at the stage of Unconscious incompetence, you lose the results and, often, interest in the profession.

If a Medical representative has no plans to change the company, it is important during this period to make a movement towards Conscious competence independently, to study, to read literature by profession, ask the supervisor about additional double visits, be open to criticism, to get away from the stereotyped and start working on a new level of professionalism.

If this step is done, the movement in the profession continues, which can lead to career growth.

Knowledge of the stages of development of Competencies allows us to consciously control their own professional development and to increase efficiency.

Lobzow Inna,

The recruiter,

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