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«Real» recruiting and Internet recruiting: pros and cons

«Real» recruiting and Internet recruiting: pros and consThe Internet has entered our life, or separate areas of our lives have moved into the global network, a rhetorical question, obviously, recruiting as a business process, activities recruiting this fate was not passed.

the Emergence of the term «Internet recruiting» the fact living proof. What is it, what is the scale and prospects of the Russian Internet recruiting and what is the place of traditional recruiting in today’s labor market.

Coincidence or not, but the advent of the Internet and recruitment in Russia roughly coincided beginning of 90-ies. Their «Union» began with the first appearance of the web server that is dedicated to recruiting as an alternative to specialized periodicals or category of employment/job search. Service Human Resourses ON-Line (HRO), the date of creation of which was on may 17, 1996, on a paid basis provided the opportunity to post jobs from organizations and employment agencies. Six months later, was launched a similar online resource PointJob (www.pointjob.ru). This was the beginning of e-recruitment. Then began to appear on the site zarplata.ru, superjob.ru, hh.ru, job.ru, rosrabota.ru, rabota.ru, bankir.ru and many others. Some of them were free, and later moved to pay the principle.

today, under Internet recruiting (or online recruiting) understand a wide range of methods in the search for employees at various levels and industry, as well as the ways of communication of the employer and the candidate, using Internet resources.

you Can select the following types of Internet recruitment:

  • Job sites (specialized sites for job search and staff)
  • Social media (social network: vk.com, facebook.com, odnoklassniki.ru, LinkedIn.com, moikrug.ru and others; blogs, forums, etc.)
  • Equipment online evaluations (testing, interviewing via Skype, video CV, and others)
  • Specialized sites of companies that are intended to attract candidates job.svyaznoy.ru, rabotavmcdonalds.ru, job.mvideo.ru etc), page with information about the vacancies on the corporate website
  • online diaries (blogs), in which it is told about the corporate culture, organizational structure, problems, objectives of the company (habrahabr.ru, blog.ucoz.ru, vk.com/i_love_ulmart and others). The latter refers more to the formation of HR — brand and positive perception of the company as an employer.

All of these kinds of online recruitment can be divided according to the principle of the problems they address: the recruitment, search and selection (evaluation) staff. If we talk about the task «search», here is the most widely used job-sites, as an additional resource — their own official websites of companies with the information about the job and the last to Social media. According to the research center of the portal Superjob for 2012, only 19% of the 1000 respondents-employees of HR departments are using social networks as a tool for finding candidates.

in the past, perhaps, 5 years job-sites have grown from a database, which they were at the beginning of its appearance, into a full service system focused on the hr needs of our clients. Known today sites for job search, try to embody the idea of universality, combining technology, capable, according to some opinions, to replace specialist staff. And so, Internet recruiting, often involve recruiting through job portals.

What is offered by the employer these sites? In addition to access to resumes of applicants, where in addition to actual and personal data can be found with a portfolio of the candidate, and even with video CV to link to his profile in social networks; You will be asked to conduct an initial assessment of the candidate with the help of online test — recruiting without personal contact mode save time; filtering and search resumes using automatic assignment — if the candidate has not responded to the vacancy, it will detect intelligent auto. Available in the development of branded HR communication: the original presentation of the company, a unique, visually graphic design jobs. Moreover, virtual 3D tours of the office and virtual job fairs!

job-sites aimed at further intellectualization of their services (although much much more) and already the question is not about the prospects of Internet recruiting, and about the prospects of the «real» recruiting, where the head angle a living dialogue between the recruiter and the candidate. Economical from the point of view of timing, financial and resource costs, online recruiting inferior to the classic recruiting on other items.

first, features of the Russian labour market is such that today is not a candidate looking for work, and the work of the candidate. The reason is «human hunger and a General shortage of specialists in some sectors (construction, IT, manufacturing etc). And there’s one category of applicants that are ready to consider proposals for work, but not ready actively to look for them: lay out, but do not update the summary; not too flexible in timing the interview with HRом. In this case, only creative recruiter in the choice of search methods and high initiative may allow you to find candidates with necessary qualifications.

as for the selection of senior managers, as a rule, they do not rely on job-sites, in extreme cases, placing CV with limited visibility settings. They prefer not to advertise their intention to change employers and to avoid reduction of its value in the labour market: there is an opinion that good managers are not looking for work, and they invite business owners; a similar situation is published in open sources top jobs. The search for such professionals is an art which only the person may be armed with the Internet, but hardly HH or Superjob.

secondly, in the selection of staff assessment of personal qualities of the future employee is not the last place in the list of qualifications, experience, education. The higher the status of the intended position, it is more important that the concept of personal compatibility of the candidate and supervisor. In the selection of the proposed Manager of the first, the second line of subordination almost key becomes «mental concurrence of the applicant and the hiring entity. This problem only experienced recruiter, able to rely not on the tests and feedback on job portal and intellectual assessment tools, people, experience and intuition.

In principle, depersonification of the recruitment process deprives its flexibility, and greatly reduces its effectiveness.

From this follows the third disadvantage of Internet recruiting is the lack of opportunity to influence the motivation of the candidate to work with his doubts about a particular company and to shape the image of the employer in the eyes of the applicant. In terms of staff shortage is a serious task assigned to the HR specialist.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the Internet is a great way to overcome geographical distances, to save time and to obtain the necessary information that 30% is the key to success in solving problems in finding the required specialist. But the strategy and tactics work on the job is determined (or should determine) business needs and abilities, the recruiter, and not «features» special sites.

Simanova Irina

Recruitment company AVICONN

Consultant recruitment