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The reasons for the dismissal of employees and how to retain valuable specialists

The reasons for the dismissal of employees and how to retain valuable specialistsThe reasons for the search of a new job among the staff are many, but among them are key. What are the causes discussed in this article. Article will help employers in retaining valuable employees and increasing motivation to improve the other.

Layoffs and frequent change of personnel one of the common problems of many companies.

the reasons for the dismissal of employees of the company can be quite different, but we managed to figure out the most common.
These reasons include the desire to have higher wages (27%), lack of career prospects (25 %), uninteresting tasks (17%), uncomfortable atmosphere in the team (12%), tight work schedule (9%), lack of additional benefits and bonuses (7%), family circumstances (3%).


Reasons for dismissal
Chart No. 1. The reasons for the dismissal of employees, %

let’s Consider each reason in more detail.

One of the main reasons for leaving is low pay.
The desired level of wages grows with experience, and the employee wants his professional skills were assessed on merit.

the pay Increase could prevent the departure of the company most of the employees.

the Lack of career prospects is also a common cause of leaving the company. It is believed that the employee can stay in the company without career promotion on average about two to three years. Employee development is an important tool that helps prevent the personnel turnover, increase engagement and productivity of all command.

the Presence of career prospects and gives the employee confidence and motivation to work successfully on and not think about changing jobs.
The lack of interesting tasks and projects, performed duties monotonous, boring and routine work, can lead to loss of interest in work, which is also one of the common causes of dismissal.

Frequent change of leadership, conflicts with superiors and coworkers can create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the team and the company and may be responsible for finding a new job.

a Rigid schedule and continuous processing, causing many workers a sense of dependence, bondage.

the Lack of additional benefits and premiums in the company, such as benefits package, which may include LCA, compensation of nutrition, fitness, transport, practice foreign languages, as well as additional incentive programs may encourage the employee to dismissal.

Also people leave and due to family and personal circumstances, for example, for health reasons, because of the change of domicile.

retention of employees is always less expensive than finding new employees. In addition to any employer does not want to lose valuable employees, training and development which spent a lot of time and with high hopes.

generally, it is believed that it is easier to anticipate the desire to go to a new job than retain an employee who has already made their decision to leave the company.

in order to retain valuable employees and prevent them from leaving the company must:

  • Regularly monitor the level of wages in the labour market
  • to Establish a system of internal growth-enhancing rewards
  • to Pay bonuses for the achievement of goals
  • to Conduct various trainings aimed at improving skills of employees
  • to Cooperate and communicate with employees. Comfortable work environment motivates to achieve desired results.

To prevent the dismissal of valuable staff need to figure out what motivates them to work specifically in this company. Motivators may be quite different, and does not necessarily coincide with the presentation by the head of standards or corporate culture, so important individual work.

Ekaterina Tkachenko,
Consultant recruitment,
Recruitment company AVICONN