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Unconventional ways of finding candidates

Unconventional ways of finding candidatesIt’s no secret that the search for new employees begins with the creation of interest of candidates for the vacant position. And this for the recruiter, all good. What this means will help you understand this article.

Every company in the market sooner or later feels the need of finding new employees. Modern capabilities provide a wide range of services that allow you to find the candidate that is needed. But what if the standard methods don’t work? This often happens when the search for rare specialists with the necessary level of training. Consider a few non-standard, but not less effective ways of recruiting employees.

Social networking: it’s no secret that social networking took over the world. Daily visited by millions of people of different age, social status and wealth. Because of the opportunities for targeted advertising, special competitions and actively search you can find almost any person that has the potential to occupy a vacant position in your company.

job Fair: held each year in different regions of the country and on the Internet. Fairs can be divided into unidirectional and common platform for all types of professionals. If the first is to seek a rare highly qualified targeted candidates, then the second option is to find a person profile and with little experience in any of the specialties. The main problem targeted fairs that are held they are usually every season, usually in autumn or spring.

a Spam mailing with the presentation of vacancies: quite a popular method unconventional method of recruitment. Can be used continuously with small intervals in time. This search method is problematic in that the majority of users are already quite advanced and use special spam filters and don’t read emails with promotional direction or from unknown email addresses. Therefore, when creating the mailing list you need to consider the psychology of the user:

  • a Personal appeal increases the level of trust to your letter;
  • a Message should go from the user with name, surname and contact details;
  • you Cannot use advertising slogans in the header;
  • to Send emails not more than once every 2 weeks;

This method is best used in combination with follow-up phone call and personal contact with the candidate.

open Day: large and medium-sized companies hold such events quite often when searching for groups of employees. For example, you open a new store and need to quickly ensure that its staff or a representative office in a new region, etc. For such events are invited as core and non-core candidates. Project coordinator – HR Manager, making the presentation of vacancies, answers questions, talks about the benefits of working inscribed in the company.

Banner advertising on the Internet: a massive search for candidates. A similar method is used, for example, such giants as McDonald’s. The main disadvantage of this approach is that it is impossible to do targeted advertising for a particular person. As a result, banner search candidates are quite costly and can be used for mass hiring.

Placing image articles and announcements on specialized sites: the most highly qualified professionals focused visit related websites and forums in the specialty, trying to learn the latest news in their area, to discuss their questions or just chat on the usual topics with understanding people. For a recruiter is a great way to find a specialized expert, the saz evaluate the professional skills and degree of interest in a new job. As one of such sites can be considered fl.ru where programmers, web designers, web designers, marketers of various levels of training and knowledge. The project allows the specialist to place your portfolio, track and receive orders for a single job, and the constant.

Advertising on the receipts of payment of utility bills, checks, napkins: fairly common in our time, the way of search of candidates, the main focus of which is to place the focus. If you are looking for candidates in the area of your office or business and want to find employees from among the customers of your restaurant, gas stations, store this type of advertising is perfect. Because you will be able to choose and reach the target audience directly and unobtrusively to make a job offer within the company.

in-app Ads for mobile gadgets, all without exception now have mobile gadgets and special applications for them. The opportunity to show their ads in such applications has brought advertising to a whole new level. Now the potential client can be available to offers constantly. But do not forget that most mobile app users come there solely for their own purposes, not your advertising. That he might perceive the message, it should be – catchy, recognizable, memorable, full supporting information. Especially true if the user has already seen this suggestion somewhere before. Therefore, for a custom search of candidates this method will work, but as a Supplement to other types of search.

Work with higher education institutions: employment for students is always an important issue. Advertisements and promotions in Universities, the creation of a page on the website for young professionals will allow you to find potential employees among the current students and alumni. Students – perfect candidates for a part-time job and shift schedule. If you want to get a specialist narrow profile, it is possible to pay attention to graduates.

so, we discussed some of the unconventional methods of finding candidates. The above ways will help you to find a narrow focus employees, and to ensure that the mass flow experts.

do Not forget that the creativity of Your thinking determines the success of the vacancy!

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