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«Who does not risk, that does not drink champagne?»

«Who does not risk, that does not drink champagne?»Friends! Today let’s talk about the risks that are applicants in choosing a future employer.
Not once in my practice I have seen cases where candidates refused worthy proposals with a good salary and give preference to companies that promised a higher level of wages and rapid career growth.

After some time, these same candidates called us and expressed regret ephemeral career Paradise was a snag, wages were not so high, growth actually was not forthcoming, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, etc. How to avoid such situations?

let us all in order.

of Course, «looking for fish deeper, and people better.» But let’s think about this — how can appear exorbitant figures in the column «salary» in the vacancy? Before you begin your job search, scan the labour market: look what amounts appear in sentences, how You meet this or that category specialist whether You have the sufficient level of competency to qualify for a higher position and/or the specific C/p.

If a potential employer luring You inappropriately high salary, perhaps it is not, as they say «white», and issued in the envelope, this means that there are no guarantees, and pension contributions should not be forgotten. Also named in the interview may be the gross income of, say, the implementation of the plan, or the highest grade in the company, which still needs to grow. Be careful!

If we talk about fast career growth, that You promise, it also raises the question of where he will take over. Perhaps it’s a small company, which just goes to market, and there really is a unique chance to jump from the ordinary position on the step above, without waiting for several years, when You increase the head or opens a new direction. But be prepared for a significant amount of work and the challenges — if the company enters the market, will have to win back market share, to break through the competitors, it is not excluded overtime. This task is not simple, but if You are ambitious and not afraid of difficulties, then You, as they say, the green light.

Ask on the forums — anyone that knows about the company, in which You go on an interview or which already makes You an offer. Review online resources — what place it occupies in the ranking, how many years on the market, etc. It will give You at least approximate information about the stability of the company, its volume, level, HR and social policy.

in summary, I want to say: to objectively evaluate their experience and potential, understand where You are reasonably suited to the job change. Sometimes a desire and willingness to learn is not enough. Option «slow but steady» is the most adequate, sustained boost the skills and competence, so you can move on to a higher stage. Then You will be able to build a successful career without negative memories, gaps in employment history and financial instability.
Good Luck!

Margarita Bragin

Recruitment company AVICONN

Consultant recruitment