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KAM — who should I be?

KAM — who should I be?Many applicants with experience and without it in the position of medical representative will be interested to know about the features as a key Manager (Key Access Manager).

Key account manager (KAM in the future) or the Manager on work with key clients is the employee who is engaged in a full maintenance of key customers. Responsible for sales, negotiations, conclusion of contracts, search of new partners, develop joint marketing programs.

the Pharmaceutical market is operating on two channels of product promotion is a for — profit hospital.



  • in-Hospital channel — interact directly with top officials in public health agencies. Sales of pharmaceuticals in the budget of the institution.

  • Commercial channel — responsible for sales and control of distribution in assigned to it pharmacy chains.

mainly to meet the market three managers:



  • Kama work with pharmacy chains
  • the

  • Hospital Kama
  • the

  • Commercial Kama

In this article we will focus on the hospital Kame. In this segment of the market there have been drastic changes and the decline of purchases from foreign companies, which entails a reduction in staff. Consider the situation on the market for 2015 — 2016. and prospects of the transition of such workers in this direction.

KAM in the hospital segment.

Hospital sector provides medicines patients who required hospitalization and supportive therapy. The main source of financing for this sector are the state budgets of all levels and means of obligatory medical insurance.

Although the budget for purchase of medicines in 2015 has increased and amounted to 194 billion rubles (for comparison, in 2012 it amounted to 134 billion), the market has undergone significant changes and dramatically increased the lead in the direction of rejection of imported drugs and purchase of drugs by domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers. Against this background, many foreign pharmaceutical companies began to reduce the staff of the hospital departments.

KAM hospital directions. Where can you go?

due to the wave of cuts, many Kamov hospital directions working in representative offices of foreign pharmaceutical companies in Russia, faced with the question of what to do next? What alternative to the current positions they can find?

Consider a few options:

The first option, and probably the main the transition can be in the national company. As they now account for the bulk of procurement, which was not informed. Consequently, the need for experienced personnel.

Many foreign manufacturers now see the prospects of its activities in the commercial segment. Its market share has grown in comparison with hospital for the last 5 years.

— Shift to other products.

KAM, responsible for sales in public institutions, will be a worthy candidate to replace a similar position in companies that sell baby food.

On the Russian baby food market share of foreign producers is 70%. Many foreign companies recently opened their production in Russia.


Despite the fact that the market of foreign manufacturers of medical equipment now is not successful, there are categories of products which show stable growth. For example, high-tech equipment, the production of which is absent in Russia or is at an early stage of development. As said Vladimir Grishin, the founder of system OMS in Russia «there are a number of medical equipment that we just will not be able to reproduce. Example: linear accelerators used in the irradiation of cancer patients, complex assemblies and mechanisms used various medical devices, special reagents for research and development of new drugs». Proceeding from the above, we understand that this direction will be of interest to candidates with hospital pharmaceutical market.

If you have circumstances or desires began searching for a new job, then you open various career paths. In addition to the presented options, the specialists of this area may consider other areas related to public procurement. It all depends on You!

Burenicheva Tatiana

Head office

Recruitment company AVICON