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How to relieve stress after work?

How to relieve stress after work?Stress is a state of emotional tension. Most often, you can bind the negative effects, it can cause stomach ulcers, hypertension and mental illness, and sometimes suicide.

the Irritation and estelas, nervousness and anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, depression, depression are all symptoms of stress.

it is Better to prevent these negative effects, rather than to fight that stress or diseases caused by them. Better to start during operation or immediately after the onset of anxiety symptoms.

so, you feel that something is not possible, or you just criticized the head, you have had an argument with a colleague, you often stay at work and friends stopped you. What to do?

No need to «seize» the stress, do not get high-calorie foods, this can lead to a new stress, but due to the excess weight.

the Change of activity — is the best means. If possible, go out into the street. Breathe the air, drink coffee or tea with chamomile, talk to your colleagues, take a stroll along the corridor business center, take charge. If your office has a recreation room take a photo of the head and leave him in Darts or beat the pear, pre-tied there with his photograph. You can do a «Chinese medicine, acupuncture massage, known since Ancient times — massage your earlobes. If you are mostly the whole day sitting in the office and working on the computer, it will be useful fitness classes, going to the pool or yoga. If the financial capacity to do it, then work out at home. At the very least, consider why such work overload, if it does not bring the expected income and satisfaction.

Better to care for themselves and to create comfortable conditions for work. Work is important but your health is more important. If you lose your job — you can find another, and if health, you can restore it that much harder.

If you do not have time to do something, linger and sit up late at work, then you do not properly allocate their time. Enter time management, this is the tool that will allow you to organize your time more effectively and efficiently. Then of course, you might argue, but what about, for example, meetings that your Manager likes to make tonight? Most likely, this head does not put into account personal factors that you also have a life and can be any plans, or you just need rest, and you have not the charge level of batteries after him.
It is better to solve the task, and not to postpone things for later, try to execute all the works a few days before the critical date, so they have time to force majeure.

by the way, the profession can be a different level of stress. For example, the pilot of the aircraft, likely to experience stress more than sold in the pet store.

And don’t forget that inspired the work, you can forget that the house you are waiting for relatives and friends who also require attention.

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