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How to survive the economic crisis, companies of Novosibirsk

How to survive the economic crisis, companies of NovosibirskThe global economic crisis, falling oil prices, economic sanctions of Western countries against Russia. How this affects the staffing needs of companies involved in different sectors of the economy and, in particular, regional companies? Review article from the head office of our company in Novosibirsk Marina Soboleva.

the Economy of our country is not in the best condition. The main reason is the decline in oil prices, the money from the sales of which made up a significant proportion of the national budget, the geopolitical situation, investment outflow and the total collapse of the global economy, has affected many sectors of the Russian market.

Despite the fact that most of our clients are Western companies, we continue to maintain communication with local and regional companies, and we are in touch with the largest companies of Novosibirsk.

In General, on almost all markets in the region were stagnant. We investigated the company’s manufacturing and energy sectors, distributors, retail, construction, transport and logistics, banking and it sector. Representatives of the largest companies do not talk about a significant development or growth, but any special negative trends, we also do not observe. Mostly we hear that all is well, everything is stable. Bankruptcy and withdrawal from the market of companies both large and small, we do not observe. In this respect suffered more than retail, but again, not all. Food retail is in stable condition. Last year in Novosibirsk was opened several grocery hypermarkets. But as the clothing retailer, the children’s goods – here the company suffers hard times, smaller shops are closing, large chain tighten the belt and take the position of wait and see.

We know that practically all companies for the last 2 years was focused on maximum savings financial reserves. Including savings fell and the personnel Department. In 2015, the company greatly reduced the cost of recruiting.

on the one hand, companies themselves, where possible seek to cover their staffing needs. On the other hand, in companies there is a decrease routine. People have become less inclined to change jobs, especially in large companies, hold on to your seats and look suspiciously to the labour market.

the Only segment that feels not only good, but also actively developed is it industry that is well represented in Novosibirsk. It companies not only do not stop selection, allocate the budgets for the Agency, but also expand the staff. Good candidates for highly specialized it market are not many, and competition between companies in the fight for talent has only intensified over the last year. This is absolutely the only candidate market. The applicants put forward their conditions, and employers trying for them to adapt and provide the most attractive conditions of work.

In General, the Novosibirsk regional market 2014, and 2015 were tough, but there is still 2016. Global improvements in the market next year is not expected, and no significant factors as to this, no. Therefore, the attitudes of the companies are still on the alert, and expectant. Under the auspices of maximum economy will probably go into next year.

Marina Soboleva

The head office in Novosibirsk

Recruitment company AVICONN