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Maternity rate, medical representative, agree or not?

Maternity rate, medical representative, agree or not?The article will be of interest to applicants for the position of medical representative for concerns the question of the vacancy of the replacement of an employee who is in maternity leave. Will be discussed about all the pros and cons and about the future prospects.

every year more and more we are recruiting medical representatives for the vacancies for the period of maternity leave of the main employee. That, certainly, pleases, because it is one of the indicators to improve the lives of citizens.

In this article I want to analyze the opportunities and risks for the medical representative working in maternity rate.

from experience I can say that most companies are yet ready after main employee from the decree to leave in his state substitute medical representative. But at the same time guarantee no one can give you that.

getting started, the new employee is warned that will replace the main employee. And should clearly be aware of what may face.


  1. Permanent employee may withdraw from the earlier decree, and the contract may not be extended.
  2. During pregnancy a substitute employee may be loss of position, and, therefore, payments on childcare.
  3. Experience in the period of maternity rate is not taken into account.

But, nevertheless, the benefits for an employee working as a medical representative at a rate of more maternity: Opportunities:

  1. As a rule, maternity rate has a duration between 0.5 years to 3 years. During this period you can manage to show the results and get a promotion, for example to a senior medical representative, as it is already working under a permanent employment contract.
  2. During this period many things can change, and I can say from experience that, generally, changes:
  • main employee leaves in the second (third, and sometimes fourth) maternity leave;
  • opens a new direction to the company and replacement medical representative can offer to use this feature
  • main employee decides to go to work in another company;
  • causes the expansion of the state.
  1. to Obtain the business experience of a larger company.
  2. Has exactly the understanding of the timing of the completion of the project, closer to the end of the term you can consider the job offer is open, and do not conceal it from current employer.
  3. With high results Manager often regional or area Manager will be able to give positive recommendations substitute medical representative that will certainly assist in finding employment.
  4. Ability to work in a new direction, i.e. to gain new professional experience.
  5. Your results can exceed the expectations of the company and the Manager will be easier to justify additional staff in your team.
  6. Medical representative working at the rate of maternity, have the right to leave and receives compensation for unused vacation.
  7. Salary is not lower than that of the primary employee.

When making decision we always recommend that candidates understand what a medical representative, if he starts work in the new company.

if you look a little more deeply, the risks of «instability» is always there, even when the medical representative works under a permanent employment contract, he is not insured against:

  • that could reduce;
  • the company where he works, can buy and with the passage of the certifications of the level of expertise may not be sufficient to work in the «new» company;
  • may change the policy and management of the company;
  • in light of recent events it can be noted that some companies withdrew from the Russian market.

Someone might think that maternity rate can go only candidates with no work experience as a medical representative, but it’s a completely wrong judgment.

Many experienced candidates when they know the level of our customers without delay participate in the competition for filling a vacant maternity position and in consequence face in a new company to work.

most Often, a company and don’t want to lose efficient staff, trying to offer options for continued cooperation.

Thus, may be an appropriate aphorism: «there is nothing more permanent than something temporary», I would have rephrased as: «sometimes, not anything more stable than something temporary»!

the Choice is yours!

Julia Schur,

Head office Saint-Petersburg,

Recruitment company AVICONN