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Crisis as an impetus in your career

Crisis as an impetus in your careerMany medical representatives in a crisis find themselves facing an agonizing choice and I don’t know what to do. That will help to survive in crisis, and perhaps move up the career ladder, I will tell in this article our consultant recruiting Elena Whisper.

it is Known that in a state of uncertainty, instability and insecurity, mobilize additional human resources.

this Concerns, first and foremost, jobs and careers. This is understandable, because many companies are trying to optimize business processes, therefore reducing their workforce to save money.
In such circumstances, obviously, there are several options to action: you can either adapt to the existing realities of the market and to choose the easiest way or find new resources for their own development. In the pharmaceutical market of Russia these tendencies are also clearly traced.

Most medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies not currently active in the job search, to keep their jobs and are afraid to change something. And if you remain without work in connection with the reduction or other reasons, then try to choose the most safe and reliable way: consider the position both in domestic pharmaceutical companies, preferring their more prestigious Western, or pass from the hospital segment in outpatient and from outpatient segment — commercial. This is explained by enhanced state support of domestic producers of medicines, limited medical promotion and import substitution in the hospital segment. At the end of 2015, a resolution was issued «the third wheel», which automatically cuts off the possibility of import of the supplier to participate in the auction if there are at least two other domestic suppliers.

on the one hand is the passive approach, as it implies the choice of a more simple way, but on the other hand, a new boost in his career, because such a transition gives you the opportunity to experience work in a new market and additional baggage of competences that in the future will qualify for more serious positions.

Not ruled out such a scenario, as the change of activities after the reduction of the company. Doctors, as you know, in high demand in a crisis. Therefore, the transition from Pharma to medical practice can become a new push in his career, but already the doctor, and forever put an end to his career in the pharmaceutical business.

However, there are employees who choose another way — to work harder to expand the responsibilities and to explore new areas of the profession, not to be in the list of retrenched employees in their company. Business in crisis needs such employees as efficient as possible.

Some pharmaceutical companies, for example, especially in remote regions and small towns are cutting positions of medical representatives and district managers, introducing new staff unit Manager on work with key clients, which essentially becomes the Manager of the hotel. If the head is an obvious downshifting, which he is unlikely to be willing to go for medical representative is a great chance to get new experience and show your personal result.
For the employer, in turn, such internal personnel movement is not only budget savings, because such specialists in the market cost much more, but saving time to adapt to the external employee.

Thus, the crisis becomes a powerful impetus to the development of careers for active and enterprising employees, able to reorganize to respond quickly to changing conditions and to take on additional responsibility.

recruitment and selection Processes are also undergoing changes in the conditions of crisis. If the staff still come to new employees, they must be the best. This is especially true of managerial positions. After all, the main task of the head in a crisis to keep the business afloat.

Elena Whisper

Consultant recruitment

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