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Alternative ways of registration: SP, outstaffing, employment contracts, maternity bid: why the employer selects them and whether they should be wary

Alternative ways of registration: SP, outstaffing, employment contracts, maternity bid: why the employer selects them and whether they should be waryMany applicants received offers from employers not be processed in the usual manner, and alternative. The pros and pitfalls of such design options are discussed in this article.

the New realities dictated by the crisis, put their conditions not only to employees but also to employers. We should frankly admit that the assertion that the labour market over the past year has changed dramatically, not an exaggeration. Employers reducing large numbers of employees, are in no hurry to open a new full set, even if you feel the need for more staff. This is due to the fact that the future of the Russian economy remains uncertain. Following statements on the reduction or even the imminent lifting of sanctions, the Western partners to expand the list of legal entities and individuals that fall under them. In parallel with this process, it is possible to note the lack of a clear vision of future currency fluctuations and oil. After the gradual fall of the dollar and the Euro along with the increase of the oil price in the third quarter saw a fairly dramatic «rollback» courses last fall.

However, the management need, regardless of economic situation to carry out the annual plans, which often requires prompt cooperation with the new professionals from outside. So how do companies deal with the challenges of attracting new employees?

This year one of the most popular «anti-crisis» measures in searching and selecting personnel have become alternative means of employment applicants. The most frequent (in addition to the lack of official registration as such) are maternity rate, fixed-term employment contract, secondment and design as a contractor. Candidates should be worried when the employer informs about one of these types of employment? Let’s look at each of the above types of registration officers, in order:

  1. Maternity position. Most candidates who recognize that the position is a maternity, begins to worry because of the vagueness of the term for which they will be in demand. Indeed, no one in the company, including the employee leaving on maternity leave, will not be able to ensure that the employee decides to leave after two months on the job. However, as practice shows, the average period of maternity is from one to two years. Moreover, large companies often can, if you successfully cope with the responsibilities, to offer you full time after the release of the main employee. However, such a possibility, even in the case of successful work of substitute employee, you receive not always, especially in times of crisis. In addition, according to the law, an employee coming back from maternity leave, is not obliged to warn the employer for the month or earlier. Temporary employee needs to announce the release of the basic is only 3 working days. However, many large companies, following corporate etiquette, try to describe the situation of a temporary employee as soon as possible.
  2. fixed-Term employment contract. The principal difference from STK maternity rates – the presence of a pre-specified period for which the desired employee. When the employer proposes to take shape under the scheme, candidates react rather than on the mere fact of such cooperation, and the proposed period of the contract. If the bet is open less than a year, and the candidate is required for a short period of time – many job seekers would refuse such a position. If the rate for a year or more – that candidates more willing to consider the position further. In addition, it is worth to remember about possibility of transition to a constant rate or renewal of fixed-term employment contract after the expiration date.
  3. Staffing. Many companies have recently offered to the applicants through their outstaffing providers. This is perhaps the most stable alternative version of the design, as it implies work on the TC. Fears of candidates related to the fact that in the case of such registration in the workbook written that they are working in the company of the provider (for example, Avicenne), it can confuse the next employer. However, it is not. The applicant sufficiently to inform the interview (or specify in summary) the information and if he really worked at a partner company, the employer will not have any issues.
  4. Design as a PI. Some organizations offer registration as a contractor. Typically, this means that the candidate loses in employment SOC. the package, a guaranteed feature on the TC, however, this is offset by salary increases. The main thing you should pay attention to the applicant, trudoustraivatj thus, it is the main contract. If the contract does not specify in detail the performance indicators of the employee and the reasons for termination and/or budget cutbacks, we need more detail to communicate with the employer and to read the reviews about this company. The more clearly spelled out all the terms in the contract, the more assurance that the employer does not terminate the agreement without a clear explanation.

so, to summarize, we can note the following: employment outstaffing is the most transparent and stable, and should not deter applicants. In the case of an employer’s offer be made to maternity bid as a contractor or fixed-term employment contract – you need to know as many details about how a particular position and about the company. As a rule, large international enterprise in the modern world do a significant emphasis on ethics, unlike smaller companies. So, my personal advice as a consultant to accept the proposals with an alternative design only from large stable companies. So, turning to our Agency, you can be sure that you offer the most stable and respected employers, who after a crisis will be ready to transfer you to work in the workbook.

Eugene DOB

Recruitment company AVICONN

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