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Fresh current vacancies, the company AVICONN in June

Recruitment company AVICONN seeking candidates for the position of sales representative to the pharmaceutical companies in the following cities of Russia: Tula, Vladimir, Ryazan and Bryansk.

Even if you have no experience working in this position, it’s a great chance to try yourself. For employees with expertise in this area is a great opportunity for professional and career growth. Especially in times of crisis in the country. Young professionals just received a medical degree and want to use it in a related field activities also have the unique opportunity and always will be needed.

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a Full list of vacancies to review:


  1. Medical representative (city of Vladimir)
  2. the

  3. Medical representative (city of Bryansk)
  4. the

  5. Medical representative (city of Tula)
  6. the

  7. Medical representative (city of Ryazan)

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