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Medical Marketing Head

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To: Work with country medico marketing and corporate medical services and support business by facilitating clinical trials.

Areas of Responsibilities:

New Product Launch- Medical Plan

When a new product is proposed for the country, it will the responsibility to provide medical views based on local management patterns. After the product is registered, it will also be required to plan a detailed medical marketing launch plan with marketing colleagues that includes accurate positioning, CME plan, post marketing data generation, and other promotional strategies.

Provide clinical studies that guide and validate product promotions

In order to launch new products or existing product (promotional pamphlets), collect diverse clinical studies that support the information and also studies that give the company’s products an advantage over the competitor’s products. Handle queries from government agencies IN ORDER TO have valid promotional arguments that will convince the doctors of the quality of our products. The support will be extended from ethical to consumer health care and OTC drugs.

Key Opinion Leader Management

Work with Sales and Marketing team to identify, stratify and build Key opinion leaders. To answer specific medical queries from these KOLs; provide information to establish Dr. Reddy’s as a research laboratory; meet them regularly and engage them in various scientific activities like Advisory meetings. It will also be required to conduct round table meetings and identify unmet medical needs. Regular lecture and conference participation will be handled by marketing colleagues.

Review and approval of Promotional Material

Validate and approve the promotional inputs prepared by marketing team before they are sent to the external customers; suggest improvements on quality and medical validity. To make sure that the clinical study is related to the benefits advertized in the product IN ORDER TO ensure that the product is not being offered under false pretensions and complies with the Best Promotional Practices

Post marketing studies

Work closely with marketing to formulate and execute post marketing clinical trials in the country. Needs to plan the post marketing trials in the beginning of the year, assess the optimal design, prepare essential documents and guide through the initiation, monitoring, tracking, and data collection. It will also be expected to prepare the publication plan for various studies conducted in the country.


  • Education & Experience:

Postgraduate degree in General Medicine with minimum 5 years experience in pharmaceutical industry

  • Business Understanding:

Understanding of key therapeutic areas; market dynamics across geographies; drug development concepts and processes

  • Knowledge:

Local Regulations Guidelines, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Studies, Drug Discovery and Development Processes, Domains across the pharmaceutical value chain

  • Behavioural Skills:

Communication and public speaking abilities in English, Assertive, Prioritize, Conflict management

Reporting lines:

  • Functional reporting: Medical Head - Emerging markets (based in HO - India)
  • Administrative reporting: Marketing Head – Russia (based in Moscow)

Operating network:

  • Internal 75%

Subordinates: Yes

  • External 25%

KOL, Local Medical Associations/ Bodies