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The counter — agree or not?

The counter — agree or not?Then came the difficult moment, when You tell your boss about the imminent prospect of his departure. And what? According to statistics, more than half of the cases, the employee receives a counter-offer.

For a start, let’s see — what is the counter? The counter or controller (англ.counteroffer response proposal) is a counter offer, which makes the employee’s current employer, upon learning that the employee plans to leave the company. A counteroffer often involves an increase in salary or other changes to the working conditions of the employee for the better.

the views of the Western consultants career unanimously — the counter to take definitely not worth it.

Your loyalty to the company will come under serious question.

Despite the fact that the current leader makes you a very attractive offer to hold in the company, most likely, now he will not be sure of your loyalty — perhaps you are simply waiting for more interesting and beneficial suggestions. Relationships can become strained because they were not added to the salary.

If you decide to leave the company, then the decision should be solid. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to take into account the market situation when the demand exceeds the offer of employment, contriver should not be discounted.

Sooner or later everything will return to normal.

Let’s remember why you decided to look for another job. An unexpected increase in pay is unlikely to relieve tension in the team, or on boring projects, for example. Shortcomings, whatever they may be, will not disappear from the wage increase.

If the main reason for the desire for professional or career development, and not the amount of remuneration, contriver need to apply to more than carefully. Promising riches, the employer may pursue only one goal — to prevent a gap in the chain of tasks, and to find new specialist during this time.

In such situation it is necessary to understand whether the employer intends to deliver on its promises. Check it is not easy, but you need to try to estimate on the basis of information about the future development plan of the company, from the current situation, etc., In any case, it is very important that the counter-proposal was closely controlled, well documented, with specific deadlines, and all changes must happen as soon as tomorrow. If the causes are related to human factors, corporate culture, then it makes no sense to accept a counter-offer.

Reputational risks.

When you accept a counter-offer, it is likely to face the worst case scenario: you can lose trust and present employer and offered a new job. The company that offered you a new job, can convict you that you used it as a tool of pressure — you seem just wanted an increase in salary. Even if such thoughts will not arise, another employer will remain in an ambiguous situation, both from the point of view of time and cost, and to its employees, which may have been increased. Of course, you need to consider that the company whose offer you declined, taking contriver, are unlikely to do it again.

Russian experts are not so categorical and believe that there are cases when contriver really can be adopted. For example, in a situation where the employee is dissatisfied with only a salary, and all other criteria — the nature of the work, the management, employees, completely satisfied. However, you should bear in mind that it is possible when working in a highly specialized industry, the actual efficiency and loyalty of the employer in which You are sure. In this case, your boss will most likely be really interested it is in you and will not want to look for a replacement.

Alexander Voronov

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