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If You have no experience, it can replace the personal qualities

If You have no experience, it can replace the personal qualitiesIn the process of seeking first job graduates are often faced with the fact that most descriptions of vacancies is the remark: «Experience from…». The guide companies prefer applicants with experience — but where to take yesterday’s student this experience?

With that the most frequently occurring issue for graduates and young professionals have tried to understand assistants portals: rb.ru, radymo.com and medpred.ru.

not everyone has the opportunity during their studies to earn money on the chosen specialty, so that max, who is a graduate of several weeks of production practices. The list of potential jobs for the applicant without experience is quite small, but there are still employers that experience will prefer personal qualities.

to Find a job without experience applicants often prevents inadequate self-esteem. Many graduates have no experience, but have ambitions. You need to be prepared for the fact that the Golden mountains no one will offer. Almost all start small, career growth and the corresponding increase in wages can be calculated only after some time, and even then, if you are going to work well. So never start the interview with a question about salary.

But underestimate yourself is not worth it. If the employer is ready to hire an employee without experience, it most likely means that he needs a goal-oriented person, full of energy and desire to work, willing to learn in the process and learn new things. If you are not confident in advance and lowered his hands, the employer may think that you have no experience because you don’t want to get it. So if you want to find a job without experience, you need to adequately assess their knowledge and skills.

Another mistake of inexperienced candidates without work experience is a rejection of the test tasks. How else to evaluate your suitability for the post? Assessment in the diploma may not always give an adequate idea of your knowledge and skills, it speaks more to the record, which you have not yet. So if the job you really enjoy, it is worth to spend some time on the job.

However, please note: the job must be non-specific, typical. Some unscrupulous employers just save on the labor force, shifting the work to the candidates. So before performing the test, make sure that it really seems to be on the test, study.

by the Way, in some professions the test task and work experience may substitute portfolio. It is not necessary to include projects made for the sake of commercial profit. You wrote articles for the student newspaper? Did a website for a friend-photographer or charitable organization, in which your mother? Feel free to include your creative projects in the portfolio, if they a) correspond to the chosen activity and b) worthy to be included in the portfolio. The portfolio is your «face», it should be only high-quality work, and not done in fifteen minutes «on the knee».

If you want to find a job without experience, it is very important to make a good impression at the interview. Still, the experience and knowledge isn’t everything. Many employers the applicant with extensive experience, but problematic nature will prefer inexperienced applicant, who will join the team and will work diligently. Because clothes make the man, before going for interview, pay attention to your appearance, you should look neat. At the interview it is better to prefer business style clothes, even if the firm adopted smart casual.

during the interview, try to confidently answer questions, be in moderation (but only in moderation!) uninhibited. Because of the experience you have, you need to show your willingness to receive it, constantly learning. It is advisable to demonstrate your sincere interest in the work (if it is there, of course) and before the interview to find out at least the basic information about the company in which you are going to get.

Yes, to get a job without experience is not easy, but in life in General a little simple things. Optimism, confidence (but not arrogance) and a sincere desire to learn from experience will help you in your job search.

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