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Clinical application specialist

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  • Support our customers for the clinical applications of the ophthalmic devices
  • Explanation of the potential application to the doctor or prospect
  • Education to the users, medical, clinical and technical
  • Clinical and operational support during surgery
  • Practical support for the machinery management: potential application and operation
  • Advice on the potential application for the software and devices
  • Support the Marketing for the management of Technical communication on the employment and application of our devices, and for the implementation of promo materials and events (demonstrations during conferences)
  • Technical support for preliminary commercial meetings with prospects, to reveal and promote the potential of that specific device


  • The rate of complications from certified surgeons
  • Specific Technical Skills on ophthalmic medical devices
  • Problem solving and good organization
  • Communication, relational attitude, time and space management
  • Experience in the interface with the medical/ophthalmic environment
  • Team working, both with internal and external representatives
  • Technical knowledge of the surgical ophthalmic environment
  • Experience within the technical/clinical surgery
  • Ophthalmic sector provenance
  • Good English
  • Medical /biomedical/ Technical background and studies